Vital statistics
Position Daughter of Oreo and Juan, mother of a 2007 calf and 2009 calf
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Not publicly stated
Weight Not publicly stated

Ringer is a 16-year-old Commerson's dolphin currently living at Aquatica Orlando. Ringer was born to deceased female Oreo and Juan on July 10, 2000 at SeaWorld San Diego. She currently lives with her father Juan, her half-brother Ross, and Pepe at Aquatica Orlando as of January 10, 2016. Ringer gave birth to her fifth calf on May 20, 2017, though the calf died just minutes after its birth. The calf's sire and gender were not confirmed in the report on its death, and a necropsy has yet to be conducted. The two calves born before this one were born at unknown times between 2009 and approximately 2013, before Ringer was placed on contraceptives to avoid pregnancy.