May 11 - Surprisingly, Ringer is pregnant at Aquatica Orlando. This is Aquatica's first pregnancy in a Commerson's dolphin, granted Ringer is the only female ever to live at the park for more than a week. The sire of Ringer's calf is Juan, Pepe, or Ross, listed from most likely to least likely sire. I personally believe the sire is Juan, but will not say anything until the birth of the calf and confirmed sire. If no sire is confirmed, chances are the calf is inbred.

May 20 - Ringer gave birth to a calf. Unfortunately, the calf, sired by Juan, Pepe, or Ross, died just minutes after birth at Aquatica Orlando. The calf's gender is still unknown, but more information will be uploaded as Ceta Base adds the calf to their inventory, pregnancy stats, and timeline.

August 26 - Sakura died at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. The previous day, she had lost her appetite, and the next morning, she was found lying at the bottom of the pool. Soon afterwards, at 6:34 a.m., Sakura died of unknown causes.