1/27- The site has started, and I have no news before this for Commerson's dolphins. The pages for Betsy, Liner, and Juan have been created.

3/31- This month was Liner's 28th anniversary in captivity, his age, however, is unknown.

4/29- Happy 24th birthday Sarah!

5/19- Happy 17th birthday Bonn!

5/23- Happy 22nd birthday Pepe!

5/25- Happy 18th birthday Kai!

5/27- Happy 14th birthday Stella!

5/29- Happy 2nd birthday Tsubasa!

6/15- Happy 2nd birthday Sky!

6/20- Happy 5th birthday Sakura!

6/30- It's official, all living Commerson's dolphins can be viewed. I will work on those that are deceased starting with Marinepia Matsushima Aquarium.

7/1- Happy birthday to 26-year-old Laura!

7/1- On their Ask SeaWorld Page, SeaWorld San Diego has revealed that their Commerson's dolphin breeding program has ended with just five dolphins living at their parks. They have revealed that Ringer is no longer cycling, and that Betsy has not been since sometime after 2001 (the birth of her last daughter Rachel). They say all of their dolphins are too old, which would may or may not include Pepe and Ross, but does include Juan.

7/2- Every deceased profile is complete, and also shows deceased relatives. You can also now view Kai's deceased relatives. Changing living profiles to include deceased relatives will be a project for another time considering I have spent two days straight along with an extra two hours creating the deceased profiles.

7/4- Happy Fourth of July. Decesed relatives can now be viewed on all living dolphins' profiles.

7/10- Happy 15th birthday to Ringer at SeaWorld San Diego.

8/9 - Stella gave birth to a calf sired by Kai at Toba Aquarium. Their current collection is difficult to identify, it is unknown whether or not the aquarium is still holding Laura, Lala, Sky, and Liner.

10/7- Happy 7th birthday to Riki at Toba Aquarium.

10/23- Happy 17th birthday to Ross at Aquatica Orlando.

11/23- Today is the official 32nd anniversary of Juan's captivity. Like Liner and Betsy, his exact age is unknown.

11/26- Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Today is the 32nd anniversary of Betsy's captivity. She was at least 3 at her time of capture.

12/23- I have found out that Stella's calf has been named Light. Her page has been created.

12/31- Lara and Peace became one year older at an unknown point in this year. Lara is now 24 years old and Peace is now 9. Happy (probably late) birthday to those two dolphins.