Haruka nursing her last calf, Kai
Vital statistics
Position Mother of 1994 calf, 1995 calf, and Kai
Age At least 10
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Not publicly stated
Weight Not publicly stated
Haruka was captured in March 1987. She, Kurobe, and Liner went to Toba Aquarium on March 27, 1987, where they lived alone until she gave birth in 1994. The calf soon died, as did her 1995 calf. On March 13, 1996, the trio was joined by captive born females Laura and Lara. Laura soon mated with either Kurobe or Liner, and on May 20, 1997, Laura gave birth to Laurie. On May 25, 1997, Haruka gave birth to her final calf - Kai, whose sire is also unknown. She died later that year, or at least by 2000.