Don Juan
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Vital statistics
Position Wild caught dolphin
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Not publicly stated
Weight Not publicly stated
Don Juan was captured alongside Carmelita and two females in December 1978 in Argentina. He went with the three females to Sunshine International Aquarium from the Argentinian Holding Pen on December 14, 1978. That day, Carmelita left for Mystic Aquarium while the other three remained at Sunshine International. One female died while there, and Don Juan went with the other female to Mystic Aquarium on December 15, 1978, where they met up with Carmelita. The female died later that day from the transfer. Don Juan died on December 25, 1978, probably also due to the transfer.


  • Family Members
    • Wild
  • Gender
    • Male
  • Breed
    • 100% Argentinian