Toba Auarium currently holds five Commerson's dolphins.

Toba Aquarium's Commerson's dolphins have been pregnant a total of 13 times.

Result DOB Mother Father
Haruka's 1994 calf* July 2, 1994 Haruka* Liner*
Haruka's 1995 calf* July 30, 1995 Haruka* Liner*
Laurie* May 20, 1997 Laura* Kurobe* or Liner*
Kai May 25, 1997 Haruka* Kurobe* or Liner*
Ri* June 22, 2000 Laura* Liner*
Lala's 2000 calf* July 2000 Lala Liner*
Columbus* April 14, 2002 Laura* Liner*
Kirara* July 11, 2002 Lala* Liner*
Peace* sometime 2006 Laura* Liner*
Toto* July 27, 2006 Lala Kai
Riki* October 7, 2008 Lala Kai
Sky June 15, 2013 Stella Kai
Light August 9, 2015 Stella Kai
Rio August 6, 2016 Lala Kai

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