Toba Auarium currently holds five Commerson's dolphins.

Toba Aquarium's Commerson's dolphins have been pregnant a total of 13 times.

Result DOB Mother Father
Haruka's 1994 calf* July 2, 1994 Haruka* Liner*
Haruka's 1995 calf* July 30, 1995 Haruka* Liner*
Laurie* May 20, 1997 Laura* Kurobe* or Liner*
Kai May 25, 1997 Haruka* Kurobe* or Liner*
Ri* June 22, 2000 Laura* Liner*
Lala's 2000 calf* July 2000 Lala Liner*
Columbus* April 14, 2002 Laura* Liner*
Kirara* July 11, 2002 Lala* Liner*
Peace* sometime 2006 Laura* Liner*
Toto* July 27, 2006 Lala Kai
Riki* October 7, 2008 Lala Kai
Sky June 15, 2013 Stella Kai
Light August 9, 2015 Stella Kai
Rio August 6, 2016 Lala Kai
Laura and Columbus, 2002Haruka and Kai, 1997Kurobe, 1998?

Sky and Stella, 2013

Stella and Light, 2015

Stella, Kai, and Light, 2015

Stella and Light, 2015

Light, 2015

Stella, Lala, and Kai, 2011

Lala and Rio, 2016

Lala and Kai, 2011

Kai, Stella, Lala, and Riki, 2011

Kai, 2011

Liner, Kurobe, and Haruka in 1987

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