Carmelita at Mystic Marinelife Aquarium, one of few color images of her
Vital statistics
Position Wild caught dolphin
Age At least 2 at death
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Not publicly stated
Weight Not publicly stated
Carmelita was at least 2 years old at the time of her death. She was captured in December 1978 for Sunshine International Aquarium alongside two unnamed females and Don Juan. One of the females died while at Sunshine Interntaional Aquarium for the day (December 14-15, 1978). Carmelita was the first to arrive at Mystic Aquarium, on December 14, 1978. Don Juan and the other female accompanied her the next day. The remaining female died that day at Mystic, while Don Juan died 10 days later. Carmelita lived alone until her death on July 26, 1981.


  • Family Members
    • Wild
  • Gender
    • Female
  • Breed
    • 100% Argentinian